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From concept to reality

Posted: 30th June 2016

In the next in our series of features focusing on unique local businesses, Beautiful South discovers Broughton Buffalo near Stockbridge…

The idea for buffalo farming came from a magazine. At the time, Dagan James and his wife Jess were living in France following their creative passions of painting and writing.

The idea of rearing buffalo on the family’s farm appealed over traditional farming methods, where the land can become over-worked.

When they returned to the UK, the couple immediately set about turning this innovative concept into a reality.

After many years of learning on the job, they now have a well-established herd of 250 water buffalo on their 500 acre grassland farm, which has one of the best views in Hampshire across the rolling chalk lands.

Dagan is passionate about natural farming methods which will create the finest quality soil, thus providing nutrients to the buffalo. There are no artificial fertilisers, insecticides or weed killers to be found on the farm, and natural flora and fauna thrive alongside the buffalo, allowing maximum biodiversity of the soil and landscape.

The natural farming system produces high quality grass-fed water buffalo meat which is sold at Broughton’s farm shop, at local markets and in pubs and restaurants, and a Broughton Buffalo catering service is also available for events and festivals.

The health benefits of buffalo meat are well-documented. It is naturally high in protein, iron and minerals, low in fat and cholesterol. And being grass-fed means it is a wonderful source of omega3 fatty acids.

Visit the on-site farm shop Thursdays and Fridays, 9am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm where buffalo meat, lamb, pork and chicken are available to buy.

Broughton Water Buffalo, 01794 301031,www.broughtonwaterbuffalo.co.uk



Walks, BBQ and Music on the Buffalo Farm

On Saturday 9th July, come and explore Manor Farm and learn about sustainable natural farming and our water buffalo in a beautiful chalk down setting. Wash down the delicious buffalo barbecue with some local ales whilst tapping your feet to live folk music.

Walks take place at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm, with the barbecue and entertainment from 3pm til late.

Entry and farm walks are free. To book, call 01794 301 031 or email info@water-buffalo.co.uk