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Is 2019 the Year of the Vegan?

Posted: 3rd May 2019

Five years ago, 3,300 people took part in a Veganuary campaign. Fast forward to 2019 and you have as many as 250,000 people making the change to a vegan lifestyle for a month*!

It’s clear veganism is on the rise and 2019 is set to follow the trend with 2.2 million people in the UK expected to take up a vegan lifestyle by the end of 2019**. In fact, the UK is one of the fastest growing vegan markets, launching more vegan products than any other nation in the world***.

What better time to start making the switch to a vegan lifestyle than national vegetarian week (May 13 to May 19 2019)? This week aims to highlight the benefits and pleasures of a meat-free diet, by proposing easy ways to swap to a veggie diet. If you can embrace a vegan diet for one week then you’re only one step away from going all the way!

But rest assured, you don’t have to undertake this adventure alone as high street retailer Robert Dyas is here to help with their latest kitchen gadgets. From spiralizers to avocado slicers they have you covered for national vegetarian week and the journey that lies beyond.

Step one: Get your vegetable ready for the big occasion

Take the traditional approach to cooking your vegetables with this Three Tier Steamer (Was £14.99 now £12.99). Ideal for steaming vegetables or even making rice, this useful addition to your kitchen will no doubt be in use every single day.

For the more hi-tech kitchen chef why not try the Tower 4.3L 1500W Digital Low Fat Air Fryer (Was £69.99 now £44.99)? With easy to use settings and timers this air fryer does all the work for you, and with a pot capacity of 4.3 litres it is ideal for cooking a superb range of chips from sweet potato to parsnip fries all with little or no oil.

You may think a vegan diet is limited but the way you prepare your ingredients can have a big impact on the meal you eat. Spiralizers are a great tool to slice your ingredients into different shapes and sizes to add a unique touch to your meals, ideal for spaghettis, butternut squash noodles and even salad garnishes. The Robert Dyas Tri-Blade Spiralizer (£3.99) is the tool of choice for a novice or for smaller meals and the unique design means it’s easier to store and hold. Want to take a more automatic approach? Well, why not try the Salter 3-in-1 Electric Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Spiralizer - White (Was £99.99 now £23.99). It’s smart one touch functions allow you to put your ingredients in a spin with a touch of a button.

Step two: No vegetables left behind

Blend and blitz herbs spices and vegetables with this versatile Tower Glass Mini Chopper (Was £24.99 now £19.99), Whether you’re chopping vegetables for a casserole or stir-fry, this mini yet mighty chopper is perfect for every kitchen chore.

You can liquidise your vegan dishes and make them easy to take to work or have on the go. One way to do just that is using this Waring All-in-One Non-Stick Soup Maker/Blender – Black/Silver (Was £130.00 now £59.99). It only takes 20 minutes to make deliciously fresh soup, but it can also be used as a traditional blender able to create tasty smoothies, purées and even crushed ice.

Keep it simple with the Salter Nutri Max Multi-Blender 1 Litre 1000W – Red (Was £99.99 now £44.99). It’s generous 1 litre-capacity blending cup makes it ideal for making smoothies for a group of people. Alternatively, you can use the two small blending cups to keep your favourite homemade smoothies fresh.

Just because you’re now on a vegetable-based diet doesn’t mean you should forget about your daily 3.2 litre (male) or 2.7 litre (female) intake of water. The Brita Maxtra+ Style Water Jug XL 3.6L – Gray (Was £31.00 now £20.49) is ideal for producing clean filtered water using the Brita Maxtra+ Single Tap Water Filter Cartridge for Filter Jugs and Kettles (£6.49) and with a smart LED cartridge change indicator you will never forget to replace your cartridge. Alternatively, why not try this Brita Fill & Go Vital Bottle(Was £16.50 now £14.99) enabling you to fill up on the go and still drink clean filtered water? It’s also offers  a sustainable alternative to single use plastic bottles and only costs a few pence per litre.

Step Three: You are all I avo wanted

The mighty avocado has become an elite figure in the plant world with the UK alone importing 108,000 tonnes of them in 2017. **** If you’re an avocado lover too then these avo gadgets will be just right for you. The Kitchen Craft 5-in-1 Avocado Tool (£8.99) can slice, cut, de-stone, mash and scoop your avocado speedily and with no mess, and no need for a variety of utensils! When it comes to storing the avocados the Kitchen Craft Silicone Avocado Huggers – Set of 2 (£5.99) is an ideal solution including two sizes for large and small avocados and is great for keeping one half of the fruit fresh and stopping discolouration.